Forbes Feature: Mastermind President Discusses Digital Crisis Preparation

February 01, 2019

Mike Gelfond, President of Mastermind Marketing, was recently featured in a Forbes article on helping brands minimize disruption and negative impact online by using the three P’s: planning, process, and practice.  


It takes mere seconds for an image, message or video to be shared and seen by thousands — potentially millions — around the world. When the image is brand-boosting and positive, it’s great news. But when it is negative, the opposite can be true.


You may already be prepared to face the inevitable online detractors — from unhappy customers to random internet trolls. But are you ready for a more significant crisis on social media? Are you able to react quickly and in a way that is appropriate? Companies can make things worse by overreacting, under-reacting or flat-out panicking, and things can go downhill from there.

At Mastermind Marketing, we help customers respond consistently and authentically to both positive and negative feedback online. But preparing for a true digital or social crisis is imperative. We help our Fortune 500 clients around the world prepare for digital crises through a three-step approach.

Read more in Forbes.

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